Today in the city Piedmont 23.11.2017
Black Friday workers share their 12 best tips for shoppers

If you want to score the best deals and not get taken for a ride this Black Friday, who better to turn to for advice than the people with extensive knowledge on the matter? So Business Insider asked m...

Russia: Man left dying on Smolensk hospital floor waiting for help

CCTV footage released on Wednesday shows a man collapsing to the floor of Smolensk hospital, after failing to receive help for 20 minutes. The incident reportedly happened on a night last June...

Therapist Who Advised Baby Bottle for Boy, 9, Gets Court Win

An Oregon appeals court has ruled that a state board was wrong to permanently revoke the license of a psychologist who advised a baby bottle and "tummy time" for a troubled 9-year-old patient who late...

Retailers To Online Shoppers: Be Patient With Delivery, Get Perks

In reaction to a recent decision by UPS to add a peak holiday delivery surcharge, some retailers are adding rewards and discounts for customers who choose "no hurry" slower delivery options.

I revisited my 23andMe results that can now tell if you're at an increased risk of diseases — here's what I learned

Back in 2015, I decided to send my spit to 23andMe, the personal genetics company that sells direct-to-consumer tests. The test gave me information on everything from how much DNA I sha...

How BlackBerry Is Looking To Better Monetize Its Patents

Last week, BlackBerry said that it had entered into an agreement with Teletry, a unit of patent licensing company Marconi Group, to sub-license its patents to global smartphone vendors.

Use Your Phone To Schedule Your Comcast DVR? Not Anymore, After Ruling In Patent Dispute

The ITC decided Tuesday to side with Rovi, a company some have dubbed a “patent troll” that has also sued Comcast in federal court over the technology used in its X1 system. Rovi argued to the ITC tha...

An Easy Way To Reduce Health Costs...And Patient Stress

We can reduce health care costs--and patient stress--by reducing needless but relatively low-cost medical tests and procedures. A new study shows how.

Caregiver accused of trying to suffocate 88-year-old patient

A New Hampshire nursing assistant has been charged with pouring water over the head of a skilled nursing center patient and trying to suffocate her.

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